10 Great Modern Business Ideas Very Lucrative To Undertake

Modern Business Ideas very lucrative

Explore these 10 innovative highly Modern Business Ideas very lucrative, carefully selected to offer you highly lucrative opportunities in today's business world. Get ready for an exciting journey to financial success and the realization of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Your business should not be completely dependent on digital to become an innovative and 'modern' company . Connecting with the new generations is easier if you identify the trends they are following and, starting from there, generate business ideas that can satisfy their tastes and needs.

While the seeds for most of these businesses germinated with the millennial generation, now the young customers are the centennials: a budding market already starting to make money (and spend it).

10 Best Very Lucrative Modern Business Ideas

1. Very small houses

A mansion of thousands of square meters is not always a dream house. Many college students and graduates are looking for small homes. Because? They allow them to travel the world without having to pay expensive hotel prices. These “casitas”, with all the services, cost less than a normal size property.

For example, the houses of the Tumbleweed company are more beautiful and practical than mobile homes and can be completely adapted to the client's taste. There are even some that have small porches and hallways. Now they cost an average of $90,000, but in 2016 they were worth only $10,000, imagine the growth potential for the next decade! Especially with the boom of digital nomads and the rise in housing prices .

These "little houses" are not just a 'hipster' fashion seen in American series and movies. They are an idea that is generating more and more attraction around the world. There are still few companies that offer them, so it is a great business opportunity. Perhaps they are not yet so popular in Latin America, but it is a clear trend that we must keep an eye on.

2. Healthy fast food

This is one of the great Modern Business Ideas very lucrative that you can start.Make no mistake, fast food is still as popular as it ever was. However, people today are looking for healthy alternatives to the junk options on the market. Restaurants offering quinoa salads, vegan burritos, and other on-the-go options are gaining popularity.

One niche that has grown in particular has been healthy food trucks. For example, Green Pirate offers juices and smoothies in different locations, while Native Bowl and Hola Arepa offer creative salads with international recipes and local ingredients.

If mobile businesses are not your thing, don't worry, you can always have a fixed location with this trend, as Green Tomato has .

3. Delivery services of all kinds

Modern Business Ideas very lucrative

Whether in an office or doing home office for almost 3 years, people are working more than ever. Between jobs, own businesses, school, family and the habits that the pandemic left us, delivery has become part of our lives.

Businesses like Uber Eats already bring food to homes and offices, while models like Rappi are in charge of picking up any order or carrying out all kinds of orders. There are even services like Amazon Prime Now that are responsible for delivering from the supermarket to electronic devices in less than two hours.

Although it may seem like a covered market, there is always room for new delivery services. The concept is already proven, you just have to think of a different delivery offer.

4. Business ideas with virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) is an awesome facet of modern technology. With a pair of goggles and an electronic platform, you can immerse yourself in a wide variety of fascinating worlds.

If you're not a very tech-savvy person, fear not, you don't have to be a programmer to build a VR-related business . In fact, a lot of the VR ideas don't really have to do with the technology itself. You can start with a web page that talks about the advances of this technology in electronic devices, video games, programming and others. You can sell the special cardboard glasses needed for VR (like Google Cardboard , but nicer). And if you have the option to do so, program your own games and platforms. You can even sell your services to car and real estate companies to create virtual experiences.

5. Ethical business consultants

Entrepreneurship and socially responsible business are extremely important to our generation. It's not just about protecting employees from discrimination, today's successful businessmen and women care about things like fair trade, community responsibility, and environmental stewardship.

Whether they are startups or entrepreneurs with decades of experience, there are hundreds of thousands of potential clients for a consulting firm that can help them run an ethical business. Maybe they're hiring and need help with a diverse workforce, or maybe they're working on making their products biodegradable. The point is that there are many areas in which you could work and specialize.

6. Rental of web pages

Modern Business Ideas very lucrative

Today almost anyone can call themselves a 'website expert' and create a website with a few clicks. But do you know where there is an opportunity? Renting spaces for websites.

You read that right: building pages from scratch for specific companies is the old way to monetize digital customers and it's still going strong. For example, developers create several web pages at once for a certain business niche and rent the customizable versions to local companies. The client pays monthly for the portal and its maintenance. It's a great way to earn a steady income and give yourself experience in web development.

7. Super high-quality pet food

This is one of the great Modern Business Ideas very lucrative that you can start. If you have your own pets, you are surely concerned that they feel good. Pet owners aren't afraid to spend on their furry friends and are increasingly careful about what they feed them. Everyone knows that a bad diet can make dogs and cats sick or even kill, which is why many customers are opting for super high-quality or even raw foods.

This is a perfect opportunity for the modern entrepreneur. As long as there are customers who give everything for their "dogs", you will have a market to create high-quality brands. You can start by developing food for pets with specific allergies or you can even combine this idea with weekly home deliveries.

8. EdTech Business Ideas

Do you have children, nephews or little brothers? If so, then surely you know that modern education has practically merged the classroom with the online school activity . It is already quite normal and even necessary for children to have a tablet or smartphone from preschool. With the increasing access to technology and its boom during the pandemic, EdTech or educational technology emerges.

This can include web pages with tutorials, educational games, online discussion platforms, digital homework programs, illustrative videos, online courses, and much more. Examples of success in Latin America are Platzi and Udemy , while Kidpreneurs Academy has stood out with interactive entrepreneurship videos for children.

It may seem like there are no original EdTech business ideas to try anymore, but realistically, many of the offerings on the market are glitchy or impractical. Few classroom platforms offer everything you need, and those that are complete enough are expensive. As an entrepreneur you can create or sell a solution that is quality and accessible.

9. Activity bars

Modern Business Ideas very lucrative

Why go to a “normal” bar when you can visit one where you can get a haircut while you drink champagne? For the new generations, traditional bars are no longer enough. Millennials distinguish themselves by going to places that offer 'different' experiences, while centennials look for places where they can relax and 'be themselves' without social pressure (they run away from that at all costs).

Activity bars are springing up everywhere, some specializing in bowling or mini arcades. In this field, business ideas are endless, just let your creativity run wild and think: what kind of place would I like to go to all the time?

10. Subscription boxes: business ideas

You see them all the time on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. These are themed boxes that you can receive each month containing specialized products such as genre films, makeup, international sweets and even craft beer. There are subscription boxes for just about every hobby and personality. It is a trend that has grown exponentially in the United States and the world as #MisteryBox.

Do you doubt its possible success? Channels and videos devoted to unboxing 'mystery boxes' abound on YouTube, with a massive audience of people who love to watch videos of people opening subscription boxes from all over the world. You see? If you don't make them and sell them you can buy them and make clips for TikTok, Instagram Reels and other booming platforms.

What do you think of these proposals? If you want to find more ideas to earn income, we share with you 20 Small Business Ideas to Start Up Successfully and 7 Digital Business Ideas and How to Start Them.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings.

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