24 Profitable Business Ideas for Towns: Profitable Businesses

Profitable Business Ideas for Towns

Explore 24 profitable business ideas for towns. Discover unique opportunities for entrepreneurs in rural areas and transform your vision into a successful business. Take advantage of these ideas and grow your business in your own environment!

As the situation is, many people are considering the possibility of moving to live in a small city or town to enjoy the tranquility of these places. Living in a town has its advantages and prices, internet and people's need to get out of the city, even for a weekend getaway, means that there are many profitable business ideas in a town.

Advantages of living in a town

Living in a town has its advantages that we can summarize in these:

  • Housing can be even 50% cheaper than in a city, both buying and renting. And, also, the premises or industrial warehouses to set up a business in a town.
  • Leisure expenses can be reduced by 40% without losing quality of life. Quite the contrary. Those who have made the step from a big city to the town claim to have improved their quality of life.
  • More security and less violence, to be highly valued, especially by families with small children.
  • Less craving for consumption.
  • Greater contact with nature, which makes us more comfortable with ourselves.

By living in a town we will lose some things, such as having fewer job opportunities, less possibilities for leisure and culture, bars and restaurants, probably less social life, although it doesn't have to be that way, and worse communications.

What town do I choose to start a business?

Profitable Business Ideas for Towns

You may have had enough of the big city or you may want to go back to your origins but it would be good if to set up a business in a town it had:

  • Good internet connection . If you are going to set up a business in a town, the Internet will help you a lot and will be your main marketing tool. You must have a stable connection for both mobile and internet.
  • Nearby healthcare . To live in peace it is necessary to have some public services and health is the most important thing. If you have children, the issue of schools and institutes will also be a compelling reason.
  • Good Communications. If you are going to start a business, communications are important. If you have to go to the capital of the region or province, there should be good roads. The same as if you set up something for people who come from abroad.

To make the final decision, it would be good to spend some time in the area or town where you want to start the business. Reserve a weekend or a week on vacation to study the area and see if the business we have in mind can be profitable in that area.

Once decided the question to answer is this:

What business is missing in my town?

It will depend a lot on the number of inhabitants for a business to work or not. Even if we live in a town, our business can cover the entire region. People in the towns move to the ones next door because they don't usually have all the services in theirs. We have to see how many inhabitants our business can be directed to.

Communications , which does not take long from neighboring towns or cities, are essential In many businesses it will also be good if there is a big city not too far away.

The main thing is to analyze the area and the surrounding towns and see if there is something missing and that you think could be profitable for that place. If you see any business opportunity, go ahead.

You can compare businesses located in similar regions, check if they are profitable and transfer the idea to the town where we want to live.

Businesses that cannot be missing in a town

There are many businesses that cannot be missing in towns or small cities and that if there are none, or there are few for the inhabitants who are, they can be profitable. We talk about lifelong businesses such as:

  • Bakery
  • Cafe, bar or restaurant
  • Grocery
  • Hair salon
  • Pharmacy
  • The typical store that has everything
  • Haberdashery and clothing repairs
  • Mobile screen and spare parts repair shop.

24 Profitable Businesses to set up in a Town

Profitable Business Ideas for Towns

We are going to list some business ideas that can be profitable in a town. It will depend on many factors that can work. From the climate, the communications, the inhabitants or if it has tourist possibilities.

For many of these businesses, their visibility on the internet and, above all, social networks are a perfect marketing tool.

1- Agriculture. cultivation and sale

This is one of the best profitable business ideas for towns. In all the towns there is a lot of abandoned land, unused, on which nothing is cultivated, so the price to rent or buy is quite affordable. You can dedicate yourself to organic farming, highly demanded in the cities. The fundamental thing is that you do not use intermediaries. You can sell directly to stores in the city, in markets in the area or online.

2- Set up a nursery

If there are large houses, chalets or even bungalows in the area, they will surely need to buy plants or trees. Here you can also benefit from the fact that the land will not be very expensive to set up your business. You can combine this with gardening and landscaping services.

3- Poultry farm and egg sale

This is one of the best profitable business ideas for towns. An egg business. It is not very complicated to keep laying hens and eggs are widely consumed in our diet. You can sell to stores in the area and other businesses such as bars and restaurants. If they are of quality, you will have a very wide market.

4- Care for the elderly

Geriatrics is a niche market with a bright future. The population pyramid is inverting. In a town where many services are often lacking, it can be difficult for older people to function well. Dealing with everything related to their care is business since the relatives of these elderly people will be calmer if a company takes care of them. It can be a food delivery business, accompaniment, nursing or physiotherapy, aesthetics, management, cleaning, ironing...

5- Pet business

A store with everything related to pets such as food, accessories... If it is a very small town it will not be profitable, but if you cover a large area and include food at home and services such as hygiene, hairdressing, daycare, training and even walks , it can be profitable.

6- Sale of local crafts

In many areas there are trades that are almost disappearing. It brings together the people of the area who work with crafts and sell their products. Offer payment after the sale, so you won't have to buy and accumulate stock. Marketplace like Facebook, pages like Etsy , stores in nearby cities that you can leave in storage, local markets or a physical store in the same town.

7- Local Producer

"Who has not visited a town or corner of Spain and has not bought a genuine and authentic product?" That is the idea of ​​the Post Office Marketplace. An online store for local producers and artisans. Try making a product from the area and sell it for free on this platform. Fashion, crafts, home, health and beauty, food and drinks are some of the categories in which you can be a producer.

8- Rural tourism accommodation

Profitable Business Ideas for Towns

It can be renting a rural house or a room, type bed and breakfast . If the town has charm, beautiful landscapes, leisure offers or beautiful mountains, you can adapt a house for this purpose. Accommodation internet platforms and social networks (Facebook and Instagram Ads work phenomenally with tourism) are a good sales channel. In addition, in many autonomous communities there are subsidies for this business.

9- Rural tourism platform

This is another of the best profitable business ideas for towns. Related to the above, you can give the idea a spin and contact owners in the area to offer them a platform where they can put their establishments. There may be many houses in the area that are only used for one season in summer and the rest of the year they are empty. You can take care of the rent. It would be a rural tourism agency. A blog, talking about the area, would be a good strategy to attract customers.

10- Adventure tourism

It can be a paintball field or a park with zip lines and walkways . Also, mountain routes with camping or excursions through the towns or any city in the area. You can offer it to schools, camps, companies for coexistence or for groups of friends. As this business is, above all, for summer and weekends, it can be combined with another activity.

11- Spiritual retreat

Escape from stress and daily work is what more and more people are looking for. Peace and relaxation and activities such as meditation, yoga, personal growth, massages ... without cell phones or computers and healthy gastronomy. A good idea of ​​alternative tourism .

12- Real Estate Flip or flipping house

This business is based on buying an old home, reforming it and selling it at a higher price. In the cities the price of houses for sale is through the roof and reforms are very expensive. In smaller towns there are houses that have been abandoned and reforms are cheaper. There is a market for sale.

13- Set up a franchise

Not all franchises are for large populations. There are many affordable ones that are ideal for small towns. Some examples can be Erosky City or Spar as small supermarkets, ZonaPharma and DentalCompany in health, HolaMobi in telecommunications, Remax as real estate...

14- Gas Station

Although it is a large investment, there are companies that do a preliminary study, free of charge, of the feasibility of installing a gas station in a certain location. Now the gas stations are fully automatic and you will not need, practically, personnel. You can even make it compatible with another activity.

15. Web development and online marketing business

In all towns there are many companies and very few have a presence on the Internet. The competition is small and we already know how beneficial it is to have an internet presence for business. If you make a name for yourself in the region it can be a good business. Town halls may also need these services and who better to do the job for them than someone from the area.

16- Woodpecker

It is a profession, currently, without unemployment. A workshop in a town is cheap to set up. It is an easy profession to learn and highly demanded for local constructions. If you like design you can create your own wooden products. This is another of the best profitable business ideas for towns

17- Wooden or prefabricated houses

A town is a good place to start a manufactured home business. The land is cheaper to mount an exhibition and also for construction. In charming towns, a piece of land with a prefabricated house can come at a very good price and be attractive for second homes.

18 – Tourist Vehicles with driver (VTC)

VTC licenses are granted by the autonomous communities and it is cheaper than a taxi license. There are many areas that do not have a taxi and others that have a taxi but do not have VTC licenses. Keep in mind that many bus services, in some areas, hardly ever arrive or have a very high frequency.

19- Craft beer

Craft beer continues to sell very well and a small town may be the best place to make it. You can sell, initially, in a small radius of action as a typical beer from the area. Promotion should be one of the aspects to focus on.

20 - Food Track

More affordable than a restaurant , with a food truck you can cover all the festivals, fairs and events in the area where you live. And, although the rules are vague in Spain, it is possible to set up a food track on private property, such as a gas station or a shopping center, for example. To see if the business works, you can rent one for a few weeks, for example.

21- Telecommunications

Both computers and mobile phones. Whether for individuals or for companies or for public entities. You can set up a mobile phone sales and repair business, you can offer computer sales and technical assistance, computer classes, installation and configuration of fiber optics or adsl... Wherever people use technology.

22- Telecommuting

The pandemic has made companies start to look favorably on teleworking. Many jobs are offered in which it is not necessary to go to the office every day. If you find a teleworking job, you can go live in any town or even start your own company. You will only need a good internet connection.

23- Earn money online

This is another of the best profitable business ideas for towns. There are many ways to earn money online and in many of them you do not need an office. Some examples are selling products as an affiliate, online store, influencer, trafficker, editor, translator, earning money with a blog, dropshipping, selling on platforms, online classes...

If you have decided to create an online store, the cheapest and easiest way to use the Wix platform that with its intuitive platform you only have to worry about selling and nothing else.

24- Buy a business

This is another of the best profitable business ideas for towns. And the last one may be to buy a business. Whether it is a store, a bar, a restaurant or a company. Many times it happens that people retire and nobody inherits the business because, for example, the children have gone to live abroad. There are many opportunities. Look on sales and transfer pages and if you see a business that interests you, even if it is not for sale, ask. The advantage of buying a business is that it is already in operation and you will be able to bill from day one.


Here we have listed some ideas that are feasible in a town or small city. If you think that your quality of life will be better in a smaller place, try it, try it.

Study the area, spend a few days if you don't know it well and see what business opportunities there are. She talks to people.

Find out, because the Autonomous Communities offer many advantages and subsidies if you are going to set up a business in a small town.

If you have any experience with the subject, or have set up a business in a town, leave it in the comments and, if you found this post interesting, please share it on social networks.

What do you think of these proposals? If you want to find more ideas to earn income, we share with you 16 Ideas to generate passive income and 20 Ideas to Earn Quick Money in Your Free Time.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings.

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