7 Ways to Make Money on Instagram: Boost Your Income

Make Money on Instagram

Multiply your income on the Instagram platform with these 7 effective strategies to make money on Instagram. Find out how to capitalize on your presence on this popular platform and turn your followers into solid profits. Don't miss the opportunity to maximize your financial potential on Instagram!

Instagram is a social network that currently has 1,221 million active users in the world. Every day more people use this social network to promote their products/services. If you already have a community of followers, you are able to sell and earn money using your products, using Instagram as a platform to make them known.

But this is not the only way to make money, there are several ways to do it, so we bring you this article to deepen what ways there are to profit by using this social platform such as Instagram.

1.- Marketing de Influencers

Influencers are characterized by being popular on social networks, where they usually share stories, occurrences, problems and even opinions on a specific topic and it is in this case where they make money on Instagram.

Said content can make us laugh, reflect and even take action on the matter. That is why the term influencers comes from. So the brands make use of these influencers to promote their products, since there are different types of influencers.

Each type of influencer has a number of followers that make up a market niche, a niche that the brand is willing to reach.  Since the brand or company can benefit from this audience, simply because they can obtain new clients through influencers.

So how do we make money here? Well, as we have already mentioned, brands or companies are interested in obtaining new customers.

And you as an influencer have a specific area in which you have developed and you have followers that are closely related to that area. Then the brand will contact you to establish an exchange relationship or establish a contract for you to work for them for a certain time.

Profile as a brand exhibitor

As we have already said, brands seek to win new customers and you can help them to get these new customers. So it is important that you define very well the niche that you are going to specialize in. Among the niches can be.

  • Sport
  • Pets
  • Fashion 
  • Beauty
  • Jeweler's
  • Trips
  • Stores

And to complement this your profile must be super descriptive and creative. Since your profile will give a brief summary of the content you deal with.

Reels and creative content

It is clear that creativity is an important factor since it gives you originality. And if we combine creativity with various contents such as entertainment, education or technology.

It is certain that we will be able to obtain one or the other content that attracts the attention of many people. But in order to get those visits we need to get there organically, that is, without paying the platform to get viewing.

So the perfect medium is Instagram Reels. The great thing about Reels is that it gives you the possibility for users to find you organically, also in the last update Facebook promised to give Instagram more organic reach so you have a better chance of being discovered by more users.

Post sponsored by brands

Once you have already achieved many followers, you had one or another trending post. It is possible that it is already in the crosshairs of some other brand.

But this will vary as some brands choose influencers based on brand guidelines. So you must take care of your language and your image so that this can be possible.

So if you went through that filter, the brand will contact you and they will enter into a conversation to generate some content dedicated to them. This is when the brand will sponsor you for the content that you create or that they tell you to create based on their guidelines.

2.- Affiliate Marketing

Make Money on Instagram

Affiliate marketing is where the affiliate promotes the product of an entrepreneur/company in exchange for a commission for each sale or action made.

In other words, the businessman or entrepreneur launches a new product on the market, the affiliates receive the product and are in charge of disseminating the product through all their social networks, generally the method they use to share is by making reviews, commenting on what they thought of the product. .

Once the users have seen the product and have also been convinced that they need the product, they will proceed to click on the links left by the affiliate and subsequently make the purchase.

Some marketing tools enter this process that will identify the affiliate link and once the businessman verifies the purchases that have been made through the link distributed by the affiliate, he will receive his commission for all the sales generated by said link.

But to get to make use of affiliate marketing you must have an audience to whom to offer these products. So yes or if you must be an influencer to apply for said benefit.

3.- Create your own product store

The first thing that occurs to you when you mention Instagram and earn money is to sell products. And for this reason, Instagram in 2016 released its Instagram Shopping function. 

But to enable your product store, you need to have several things. The first is to convert your account to a commercial account, the second is to have your own domain and your own website since the purchase method would be carried out through ecommerce.

Here we leave you the link of the steps that you must follow to obtain the Instagram shopping function.

By the way, Instagram Shopping is only visible in the mobile instagram application, if you enter instagram through a computer browser you will not be able to see this option.

4.- Teach what you know and offer your services

Teach what you know and offer your services

As you already know, there are many people who offer their services on Instagram and offer it in many ways and forms that without realizing it at some point you find yourself in need of consulting or advice from these people.

This is the great part, because you can expose your knowledge on social networks and offer it to a wider audience and consequently generate money using your profession.

But when trying to be new in the area, you surely don't know how to do it, so we recommend you use the different means that Instagram offers you so that you can be found by a new audience.

Tell stories

But before taking action, you must be clear that one of the fundamental parts is that to promote your products or services and consequently earn money you need to have certain knowledge of marketing. But here we will share a small marketing technique and it is to tell stories.

Have you ever felt hooked by any advertisement? Where do you feel identified and do you feel that you are the one in that story? Well I have to tell you that here you have been influenced by marketing stories and that you were the target of that campaign.

This technique is known as Storytelling, which is the art of telling stories using techniques inspired by writers and screenwriters to convey a message in an unforgettable way.

There are many people and companies that make use of this technique and it is that storytelling gives meaning to the needs. So it is important that you learn it and after having learned it, apply it to some of your content.

Real customer cases

Once we have learned to tell stories and we have managed to obtain one or another client, we can tell how our work experience was when working with such a brand or client,

What do we achieve with this? Gain credibility and increase experience points.

Well, as consumers, we highly value someone's experience and that a professional in the area shares a certain experience gives us a lot of credibility, and you also gain an opportunity in the future that someone considers you for a similar project.

Make fun content with your profession

The important thing here is to find the fun side of your profession and make content related to that, you can use a post, a story or a reel as a medium.

And to better clarify this idea, we bring you an example of a photographer who offers his services with super fun and educational content.

Participate in Instagram Lives

As a professional who wants to make yourself known and in turn indirectly sell your services, collaborating in lives with other people is a great opportunity to make yourself known since there is a new audience that can discover you and may be very interested in the content that you you offer.

Consequently, this opportunity can help you get new followers and later sales. So don't hesitate to collaborate with Lives.


If you have long content that solves the problems of your audience, do not hesitate to use IGTV, since here you can choose to have videos with longer content. And don't forget to promote your brand or services at the end of each video.

Although IGTV also serves to recycle the lives you've had, so don't hesitate to use them,

You have capital, invest it in advertising

The competition that exists on Instagram makes it more difficult every day to differentiate and monetize the account. It never hurts to invest money in advertising, since this can help multiply the investment made exponentially. Remember that digital advertising is not just for big brands.

5. Administration of social networks and Community Management

If you have the skills to work as a Community Manager and manage virtual communities on Instagram and other social networks, you can always offer your services, even independently, to collaborate in the administration of social channels of brands and/or influencers, develop valuable content for your target audience and interact with user reactions.

To the extent that brands and public figures discover the value of Instagram as a channel to retain their community of followers and potential customers, the need for a profile like that of the Community Manager is key to generating a link with their community, manage crisis situations and claims, as well as monitor, analyze and compare periodic growth results.

Obviously, you don't have to be an influencer to earn money as a Community Manager on Instagram accounts, since you will remain behind the curtain of the social network all the time, devising the appropriate strategies to interact with a niche virtual community.

6. Do you know how to create new content on Instagram?

You are good at researching, learning, knowing multiple topics, keeping up with the latest trends. Let me tell you that you are a person who can make it easier for you to strategically create content and make money on instagram.

Since absorbing so much information gives you the possibility of not running out of content and ideas. There will always be something you can talk about and relate to, consequently you can create new content. This will allow you to expand your horizons and touch on topics that people don't talk about but thanks to you people are talking about it on the networks.

For this reason, you are able to specialize as a Content Manager and offer your services as such. However, the profession complements very well with marketing studies, so I would recommend that you study it so that you can be a better professional.

Create a repository of your work

Before you apply for a job or look to offer your services, I would recommend you start practicing with a personal brand or venture.

And so you can have reference works that you can show how you work and what your final product is like, talking about how you generate the content. It should be clarified that a Content Manager can use a CV, a portfolio, or a blog.

7.- Sell your audiovisual content (Photography or videos)

make money on Instagram

Audiovisual content is one of the strong points to earn money on instagram as on tik tok. Because an image or video better understands the idea or message we want to communicate.

In addition, thanks to the fact that tik tok was born, better quality videos began to appear talking about content and effects, where users were inspired by the platform and there was a need to improve it.

And all this change was generated as a domino effect since it can be seen very well on platforms such as tik tok, instagram and youtube.

So generating audiovisual content is a good method that we can take advantage of to generate money offering as a service.

Sell ​​your photographs in image banks

If you want to take advantage of your Instagram photos to make money, you can upload part of them to an image bank and put a price on it. There are different types of pages where you can sell your photographs, we mention some of these platforms:

But before you can sell these photographs, I invite you to review any of the image banks and review the quality of the images that are sold there.

Since we must aim to reach that quality in each photograph. To reach that level you do not need a professional camera, thanks to current technology mobile phones are capable of generating good photos.

The next thing you need to know is that when you have your photographs ready to upload and sell them, you must be as descriptive as possible, that is, describe very well the action that is performed in the photograph. And finally use keywords so that people find your photograph.

Your audiovisual creativity is your best weapon

Creativity is undoubtedly one of the best abilities we have as humans, since we can be influenced by many types of content and get something totally different from it or create something based on an idea. There really are many ways to be creative.

Sell ​​your presets

Once you have already experienced photographing many objects, landscapes and people. You have created one or another filter to correct the color tone of the photograph. These presets you can sell on envato.

Although it must be clarified that these presets are made for Photoshop and Lightroom tools So you must create them in these tools so that you can export and sell them.

Before generating money you must have a few qualities

Yes, like all work you must have certain qualities that will allow you to achieve your goal. Between them:


You must know that to achieve something you must do it constantly to see or obtain results.

Whether publishing a post, a story or a reel, you must schedule and organize your content. Speaking of scheduling, this brings us to the following qualities.

Organization and planning

So that everything is constant and we do not break with that flow, we must organize ourselves in time and plan what content we are going to share.

This is quite useful since we occupy our time in other activities such as studies, household chores and work.

Besides that planning forces you to sit at the table for a while and think about what you can publish, after spending 15 minutes or half an hour thinking you can see that you have a lot of ideas that you can use or recycle for future projects.

If you have problems organizing yourself, you can use technology, since there are many applications that help you with organization, planning, and brainstorming. And so you can be more productive.

Not recommended methods

Sell ​​accounts or likes

Doing this type of activity does not work because it is illegal to do this type of business. Instagram can ban the account or accounts that it finds associated with this type of business and the people who have purchased the accounts from you can ask for their money back.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings

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