9 Business Ideas For Entrepreneurial Students

Business Ideas For Entrepreneurial Students

Discover 9 Business Ideas For Entrepreneurial Students that are very lucrative. Start building your financial future while you study!

Best Business Ideas For Entrepreneurial Students

It's no secret that it takes money to have fun in college ...and everywhere else, but with a schedule packed with classes, how could we add a job to it? Then you need to think of business ideas.

This is one of the big reasons why students choose to start a business that can fit their limited skills and time.

Here are nine business ideas that cost little money and that you can start in college.

1. Cleaning services

If you are looking for a job that can fit into your busy schedule, this may be the ideal one.

In 2009, Kristen Hadeed, 21, posted online that she offered cleaning services. After cleaning her first house, Hadeed was able to build her network.

“If it's about cleanliness, it's about trust. If you trust someone, they recommend you,” explains Hadeed.

Cleaning houses gave Hadeed the flexibility to balance her school schedule while maintaining her part-time job. Little by little she recruited other students and today, Kristen's business became one of the largest cleaning companies in the United States: Student Maid.

In the first steps of a business, Hadeed recommends that you have to keep it simple, because with the passage of time everything will flow.

Avoid making the initial cost of your startup high and instead of buying cleaners, look to make natural cleaning mixtures.

For services in university dormitories you can start charging 250 pesos per hour, of course depending on what you have to do and the size of the space you have to clean.

2. Moving service

Servicio de mudanzas

Regardless of the season, those who are dedicated to moving can be a great help to students. Think about it, someone who dedicates themselves to this can earn up to 2000 pesos for a single movement. Stephen Vlahos and Cameron Doody realized this and created Bellhops, a student moving service that is now present throughout the United States.

“It's double what students can earn working in a pizzeria, plus the tips are also well paid,” says Doody. And of course, “they can work any time they want.”

3. Babysitter

Are you good at taking care of children? Being a babysitter is the perfect opportunity for a university student looking for work.

Whether it's babysitting them at night or picking them up from school, there will always be someone looking for this service.

Of course, this job represents a great responsibility, so it is important that you have enough confidence in yourself and take courses to carry it out.

What you can charge varies depending on your experience, the city you live in, the age of the child and how many there would be.

Be well informed before doing so as the services may include cooking or other more elaborate activities.

4. Tutor

You are probably good at one or more subjects. Whether it's math or chemistry, you can use your knowledge to make money and teach those who are struggling with the subject.

There will always be a high demand for tutors in universities and usually the sources that promote these services are usually expensive.

So you know, students who want to be one have many options to do so, because the school itself can help you become one, and if not, you can do it independently: promote yourself on social networks and teach in the library.

If you excel in a subject, talk to the teacher, maybe they can help you make yourself known. Tutors can earn from 100 pesos an hour to much more depending on the subject and the city in which you live.

5. Event organizer or promoter

Organizador o promotoría de eventos

The way in which the students get along with their classmates is undeniable. Why not capitalize on it?

During college, Alex Sanchez co-founded Edgework Entertainment , a company dedicated to event management and promotion, upon realizing the high demand for university events. For that reason he decided to network with musicians, business owners and entertainment people.

This is how Sanchez was able to carry out many successful events through techniques such as flyers, posters, or speakers at universities.

It was a win-win for everyone, as clients gained more audiences, musicians became known, and Edgework Entertainment earned a percentage of the tickets.

“Find the right people to work with and make sure you have good chemistry. Everyone contributes their grain of sand. Communication is a key piece” declares Sánchez.

In addition to the ability to communicate and be organized, as well as business and marketing fundamentals, finances are necessary to organize events.

6. CV Generator

Whether applying for an internship or preparing for after college, most students need a good resume. Jobs are becoming more and more competitive, so the way you present yourself in them can mean the difference between staying in your dream job or not.

The most important thing is that these resumes are impeccable, only then can you guarantee your services. Find out how to do them well, the internet is your main tool.

If you are an excellent writer with an incredible eye for organizing information, resume creation is one of the great business ideas for you.

Professionals can earn thousands of pesos per job, but as a university student providing your service to them, charge around 200 pesos.

7. Accountant

You don't need to be a financier to be an accountant. According to Ben Robinson , a certified public accountant can be very helpful, but sometimes it is not so necessary.

If you have good computer techniques and have the necessary skills to deal with real-life problems, this is for you.

All businesses need to keep accounting records in order. Providing your service to young university students is an ideal way to limit companies (especially small ones) from hiring expensive professionals.

The startup's prices are low. You can include software such as QuickBooks or Xero, for 100 pesos up to 900 pesos per month. Robinson recommends offering this service for 60 pesos per hour. When you start to improve your skills and references you can increase the price.

8. Jewelry box


You don't need to be a world-class jeweler to start your own online jewelry line. LeiLei Secor founder of Designed by Lei, she started making friendship bracelets. Years later, she founded a wire jewelry store, which she began selling on the online platform Etsy, which charges you little to be there.

Without any formal online education, Lei learned how to sell online by watching tutorials.

“I also focused a lot on photography,” he says, “Good photos are very important when selling online.”

Initial costs are minimal. Creating an Etsy account is completely free and costs very little to sell. As for the product, it depends on the materials you use. Avoid using the most expensive ones at first, once you sell enough you can improve the quality of the stones.

9. Delivery and ordering of packages

Let's be honest: people can be lazy and busy!

Starting a courier service that offers to pick up other people's groceries is a great way to make extra money.

Start by creating a website where people can order, you can use simple platforms such as 1&1TemplateMonster and GoDaddy.

Save all receipts and add 20% to the total cost to generate your profit. Make yourself known through word-of-mouth, flyers and social networks.

What do you think of these proposals? If you want to find more ideas to earn income, we share with you 20 Small Business Ideas to Start Up Successfully and 7 Digital Business Ideas and How to Start Them.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings.

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