How to earn money from home doing crafts: 12 profitable crafts

earn money from home doing crafts

Explore 12 creative and profitable crafts that will allow you to earn money from the comfort of your home. Discover How to make money from home doing crafts. Start creating and earning today!"

Do you want to know how to earn money from home? If you want to get a little income in a simple way, but you don't know what you can do, in this article we will tell you how to achieve it by doing crafts from home. If you're good at crafting and have plenty of free time, this is a fun and easy way to earn some extra money. Below we leave some suggestions of 15 ideas and crafts that you can do in a simple way to have fun and with which you can get a few euros.

12 Ideas to earn money from home doing crafts

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity and entrepreneurship with our 12 ideas to earn money from home doing crafts. From pet supplies to unique décor, we'll show you how to turn your talent into income. Start your journey to a more creative and financially rewarding life today.

Woolen garments

If you like to knit with wool or you are a crochet axe, you can earn money making scarves , gloves, hats, sweaters... Everything you can think of. Wool garments will always be needed in winter or in cold climates.

Baby clothes

It is the perfect gift for future parents, but also a very useful way to earn some money each month. Booties, bibs, hats... Let nothing resist you!

Cushions and bags

If fabrics are your thing, you can go for personalized cushions or with all kinds of drawings. Not to mention the original bags , whether made of fabric or leather, a highly demanded item that can make you earn money doing your crafts at home .

Custom shirts

earn money from home doing crafts

A very profitable classic. Personalize t-shirts with striking messages, phrases or drawings and take advantage of your creativity.

Hair accessories

For girls or older, hair items are always in style . They won't take you long to make and you can easily sell them.

Imitation jewelry

It is one of the most common and also most demanded crafts. Necklaces, bracelets, rings... Combine colors and styles to create the perfect accessory for all kinds of moments. In addition, you can use seeds covered with cloth to give it an original and different touch.

Home decorations and party decorations

Personalized decorations are a great attraction , since everyone likes to decorate their home in an original way. Vases, flowerpots, wall clocks, decorative boxes... Go with what you like best. Also, you can use recycled packaging as raw material : a bottle that becomes a vase or a container that becomes a candle holder. Bring out the creative in you!

Party decorations are one of the most demanded ways to earn money working from home. For example, making decorations for Halloween or Christmas, designing personalized invitations for events or creating gifts for birthdays. The possibilities are endless.

Soaps and candles

Make money from home doing crafts

It is a very fun method of earning money , since you can produce different fragrances with natural products and customize their shape. In addition, decorative candles do not go out of style and are ideal for the most special moments.

Keychains, toys and stuffed animals

Mixing different materials you can get very interesting creations ideal for children and adults. You can choose leather, rag, fabric or even EVA rubber. Unleash your creativity and your customers will be delighted.

Pet supplies

The world of pets is increasingly in demand. You won't have a hard time finding an owner who wants a personalized bed or coat for their four-legged friend . If you manage to create something practical and original, you have a market at your feet.


Painting pictures is a traditional way to earn money from home doing crafts. If you are good at painting and have enough time, you can where to sell your crafts .

Desserts and cakes to order

The bakery can also provide you with extra income , since personalized cakes are a very original gift for both children and adults. Making each dessert will take time, but you can get great benefits.

Where to sell crafts

Make money from home doing crafts

After learning how to earn money working from home doing crafts, the million dollar question arises: where do I sell my creations? We give you some suggestions.

Amazon handmade

The giant Amazon has a 'handmade' space where different artisans from all over the world offer handmade products for sale. To be part of this community, you have to get Amazon to validate your request based on their rules and requirements. In addition, there is a 12% fee that you will have to pay, but as you can imagine, the market that you can achieve by being part of Amazon is worth that small investment.

Facebook shop

How could it be otherwise, Facebook also has its online store. It is free and does not charge commissions for sales. You can add it to your page and sell the products directly to your customers.


On this website you can create a free account from where you can market your products by publishing ads. You will be charged for each ad you post, plus a transaction fee , but it really is worth it.


It is a free 'marketplace' that does not charge commissions. You just have to pay to put ads and to convert digital money into real.

Traditional shops

Markets, craft shops or 'showrooms' are places where you can directly sell your creations to customers. Do not lose sight of them and find out about the ones closest to your place of residence.

How to earn 600 euros easily

Some ideas to earn extra money can go through renting small appliances . Instead of buying, the consumer rents, and the owners take a rent from an object that they no longer use.

In addition, the Internet, if it seems to have become a source, if not of resources, of savings. Barter pages and time banks are a savings possibility. Time banks are based on the principle of exchanging services or skills between people. For example, if you need English classes and have accounting skills, you can get those classes while paying for them by providing your services to other users.

Thanks to the book '65 ways to get an extra 600 euros' by José María Íñigo and David Zurdo we leave you with different ideas to earn 600 euros in a simple way:

  • Reading for the blind and the elderly
  • home mechanic
  • Set up a pool of pools
  • Acting as an extra for television, film and advertising
  • Door to door salesman
  • sell hair
  • to become a errand boy
  • Create an online forum
  • cook at home
  • Car wash at home
  • Painting houses
  • Turn a piece of land into a business
  • Carry out small household repairs
  • Clown
  • search for metals
  • patent instruments
  • restore car paint
  • try medicines
  • Donate eggs/sperm
  • make money watching videos
  • try video games
  • Try new food products
  • Repair/upgrade computers at home
  • Knitting and other tasks
  • Perform live performances
  • make puppets
  • Magic shows for children and adults
  • Tarot reader and astrologer
  • restore old furniture
  • peel pine nuts
  • Take cars to the ITV or to the workshop
  • Give massages at home
  • Make jewelry.
  • rent bikes
  • Making models
  • sell autographs
  • Make Knot Charts
  • Queuing up for others
  • joker for hire
  • rent rooms

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings

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