How to earn money on Instagram: Secrets revealed

earn money on Instagram

Can you earn money on Instagram? If you wonder if you can get extra income through this social network, the answer is yes, it is possible, but it is not an easy process. On the contrary, the key to success in earning money on this social network is perseverance, patience and daily effort to offer quality content and gain a foothold, since there is more and more competition.

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Can anyone earn money on Instagram?

Yes, anyone who wants to earn an income can do it. Although, as we have mentioned, it is not an easy path and to obtain the first income it is necessary to be patient and locate the work in the social network as a job to be done regularly and periodically.

How to make money on Instagram

earn money on Instagram

The first thing to consider is that there is no single formula for making money on Instagram. On the contrary, considering this objective is a slow and progressive path in which you have to work on the content, the profile, study which channel you want to use to earn income, know the best time to post on Instagram and keep other issues in mind. before embarking on the adventure.

Therefore, first of all, it is important to know what are the 7 best ways to earn money on Instagram. As we are going to explain below, in none of them Instagram pays you directly, but it serves as a platform for the different profiles to receive money from advertising or indirect sales of products.

Collaborations with brands

It is one of the most popular methods. Collaboration with different brands allows Instagram users to earn income by publicizing a company's product . And receive money in exchange or compensation in products. This type of collaboration is formalized through advertising and sponsorship contracts with companies and product brands according to the style of each user's profile.

To achieve this, it is essential to be attractive so that brands notice you. Among the aspects that influence this are the presence and image that the profile gives to the public, the quality of the publications and the repercussion and interaction of the profile with the users, among others.

Although a very high number of followers is not necessary to earn money, it is true that the greater the number of followers and influence of a profile on the social network, the more likely it is that a recognized brand will request a collaboration. And, above all, it is essential that the collaborations that a person accepts to advertise on their profile match the company philosophy and the personal style of the account.

Sell ​​your products

Instagram is a platform that can serve as a bridge to take users where you prefer. Therefore, you can create an Instagram account to promote products that you have for sale and that followers end up buying from your company. It is one of the formulas to earn money on Instagram without being an influencer . In these cases, if you have an online store, users are more likely to end up buying after browsing and discovering the business than if you only have a physical store. As for the type of product, the range is vast. From photographs or designs to clothing, beauty and makeup products or electronics.

with affiliates

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between companies and the profile so that it promotes a specific product. Thus, for each purchase that followers make of the product through a certain route, the profile receives a commission. It is a simple technique to implement and if you are good at sales and marketing, it can become a source of extra recurring income.

Tips to earn money on Instagram

Tips to earn money on Instagram

Some of the tips and recommendations to keep in mind to make a name for yourself in this social network and get some extra income are the following. Along with them, here you can check other tricks such as how to put music in Instagram stories to make the content more attractive.

  • Patience, to be successful you must first make a name for yourself.
  • Interact with followers.
  • Take it seriously and establish a publication calendar to gain a presence on the social network and have a greater impact
  • Upload only quality content. Review the photos and think twice before uploading any photos.
  • Think of new ways to attract followers . Through hashtags, striking texts, photographs or multimedia content.
  • Become a close person with your followers.

How much money is earned on Instagram

It is the million dollar question and unfortunately, there is no exact answer. The amount of money that is possible to raise varies enormously depending on many factors. Some of the most determining factors are the country from which it is published, the subject of products and advertising to which a user engages, the amount of interaction of a profile with its followers and the impact of an account on the social network.

In figures, some of the best-known influencers can charge an average of 2,000 or 3,000 euros for certain publications. But it's not always like that at all. There are times when the payment is made through products and others that for each publication can get to enter about 100 euros.

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