How to Earn Money on Twitch: Effective Strategies 2023

Earn Money on Twitch

You have come to the right place where you will see and learn the best ways that are very effective to earn money on Twitch. With donations, subscriptions and sponsorships, learn how to increase all your income with your Twitch channel. Start monetizing your passion today.

Twitch is hot. The live broadcast platform, streaming, that broadcasts videos and is gaining more and more popularity, especially among young audiences, because it offers viewing of all its content for free. And although it is not necessary to pay to enjoy the videos on this platform, the creators of the content on this platform can earn extra income through different sources . Or directly live from it, like one of the most famous streamers, Ibai Llanos.

In this guide we explain what are the best methods to earn money on Twitch and the main issues that you must take into account to make your business idea come true and that it brings you benefits.

If you usually use other types of social networks, here you can also see how to earn money on Instagram In any case, to earn income through these channels you have to stand out and create quality content. To do this, be sure to visit this other information on the best programs to stream live.

What is

Twitch is a live platform where users can enjoy live videos and whose main theme is the broadcast of video game games , although there is more and more content on many other topics. And although in this article we explain how to earn money on Twitch, you should know that this platform makes all the content available to users totally free, that is, to get the income you want, you need to capture the attention of your audience. and provide them with added value that encourages them to invest money in your channel .

There are four main methods for a Twitch content creator to earn money from their channel: through channel subscribers or subscribers, through donations, through advertising, or through affiliate programs.

Ways to earm money with Twitch

Earn Money on Twitch

To generate income on Twitch you have to reach affiliate status . To do this, your channel must meet the following requirements:

  • Have at least 50 followers
  • Having broadcast their own content for about eight and a half hours in the last 30 days. Specifically, Twitch requires a minimum of 500 minutes.
  • That the total number of minutes has been broadcast, at least, on seven different days
  • That the reproductions of the direct ones have an average of three viewers or more

In order for Twitch to grant you Affiliate status, you have to meet these four requirements simultaneously within one month . The next level to earn income, if you have some recognition and success on the platform, is becoming a Partner. To do this, you have to broadcast a total of 25 hours on 12 different days and with an average of 75 viewers per video within a month.

1. Subscribers to the channel

Twitch allows all users to enjoy the contents of their favorite channels totally free. So what do users pay for? Through subscriptions, users can enjoy more features on the channel , avoid having to watch advertisements and, above all, they can interact and talk with the content creator directly. In fact, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can have a free subscription on Twitch and use it on any channel. It will be free for you and the content creator will charge a part of the subscription.

Users who subscribe to the channel and pay a fee to view the content are the most stable source of income for Twitch content creators . Of the total fee paid by the subscriber, the channel receives 50% and the platform keeps the rest. The subscription fee on Twitch is 5 euros per month, that is, for each subscriber, you get 2.5 euros per month. In other words, if you make a name for yourself in this world and get 500 people to subscribe to your channel, you will receive a total of 1,250 euros per month.

This percentage varies in the case of channel owners who accumulate many viewers. In these cases, the channel keeps 70% of the subscription and the platform keeps 30%. In other words, for each Twitch subscriber he receives 1.5 euros and the content creator a total of 3.5 euros.

Followers can pay for subscriptions to both affiliate and partner category channels. In addition, these subscriptions can be purchased consecutively, for several months, or only for one month. Although the most basic subscription is about 5 euros per month, there are two others. One in which viewers pay a total of 9 euros per month and the most expensive, in which they pay 25 euros.

Changes in Twitch subscription fees

Twitch has announced that it will change the prices of subscriptions to channels to adapt them to the income level of each country. In the case of Spain, the basic subscription reduces your rate by 20% and will cost $3.99 instead of the current $4.99.

This is a performance that has been tested in Mexico and Turkey and, after its good reception, they intend to extend to other places, such as Europe, Asia or Latin America, among others.

With this change in rates, the platform intends to get a greater number of subscribers. Although this measure can directly influence the income that content creators receive through this channel, since if the subscription of subscribers from Latin American countries goes from costing $4.99 to $1.99, for example, they will need to get a higher number of subscribers to maintain your income level.

2. Donations

Another way to generate income is through donations that users want to make to you voluntarily . Donations do not have extra privileges, as happens with subscribers. Therefore, they are not a very secure source of income, since it depends on the will of the user. Although some streamers make an effort to encourage and motivate their fans to do so, such as through rankings. Content creators show who has donated and the amount on the screen, and sometimes followers are itching to see who donates the most and offer even more money to the channel.

Another form of donations is through the virtual goods of the platform. Bits are virtual currencies that are used on the platform for Cheering , that is, for viewers to support your channel. Whether you are an affiliate or a collaborating partner, you receive 0.01 cent for each bit used in your channel.

3. Advertising

A user who does not pay a subscription on Twitch has to see an ad before starting to watch the video of his favorite streamer . In these cases, part of the money generated with that ad is paid to the channel and the rest is received by the platform.

But on the other hand, if an affiliate or partner decides to add ads and show them during their broadcasts, they can get more revenue. The more viewers, the more income . Ads can be between 30 seconds and 3 minutes long and the amount of income will depend on the number of users who view it. In these cases, the streamer can press a button that shows advertising to all viewers who are following the broadcast at that moment.

4. Affiliate program and sponsorships

Sponsorships are a source of income that is mainly aimed at content creators who have a large following (partners), while affiliate programs can serve as a source of extra income for all types of platform accounts.

To generate sponsorship income, a company has to pay you to show their product, to go to a conference or to record promotional videos. For this reason it is a source of income for better known and more successful people, because brands use their image to promote their products.

On the contrary, affiliate systems consist of the content creator receiving a commission for selling a series of products that they recommend. In other words, in this case, a streamer has an affiliate contract with Amazon through which he earns a commission for each person who buys the product that he recommends through Amazon.

If during a video he recommends headphones, puts a direct link to the Amazon purchase page and users buy it, he will take a commission for each product sold. Affiliate programs, in addition to Amazon, can be done directly with some brands.

Can you earn a lot of money with Twitch?

Collaborate with brands and sponsors

Depends. The most well-known content creators, who accumulate a large number of subscribers, receive donations and have a lot of advertising or sponsorship, do generate a lot of revenue. But it is not the most common. If you are going to take your first steps on Twitch because you want to take a business idea forward, you should know that you can start generating extra income that contributes to your economy . On the contrary, if what you are looking for is to get rich overnight with this platform, you will have a very difficult time.

The key to gradually increasing your income is to create quality content , have talent and be liked by your viewers. Give them what they want to see and hear and do it gracefully , so they want to know more and don't mind paying to consume your product. In this business you owe it to your followers, to what they want to see. And if you are not able to offer it to them, you will not be able to succeed on Twitch.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings

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