How to earn money online: 9 safe ways to do it

earn money online

Explore nine safe and effective ways to earn money online. Discover proven opportunities to increase your income from the comfort of your home. Start building your path to financial prosperity in the digital world!

Many people are looking for a way to earn money online in 2023. And although it seems that there is a lot of competition, it is not difficult to achieve it as long as there is discipline and real ways to do it are found.

9 Reliable Strategies to Earn Money Online

That is why today we share 9 ways to earn money online, that although they do not assure you that money will arrive easily and quickly , at least you will have money insured if you know how to do it correctly and you invest the time it takes each proposal.

1. Host a virtual garage sale

Now that you have cleaned and selected everything in your house that you will no longer use and that is in good condition, how about having your online store where you can sell these products and take advantage of them?

Use some of the currently existing platforms, we recommend that you use an e-commerce platform rather than social networks, because sometimes social networks fail, or you should invest in advertising on social networks so that they reach more people. offers of your products.

Just pay attention and care in the photos and in the descriptions of the products, take care that they are attractive so that more people are interested.

With this way of earning money online, you will earn according to the items you offer and the people who buy from you.

2. Create a course

Earn Money Online

If you are an expert in a subject that, in addition to being of interest to a good segment of people, you can put in materials such as videos, presentations and other resources, you can sell your courses online.

You can create your own website or platform where your clients have access to your course in exchange for payment, or you can sell your course to one of the platforms that are dedicated to online education.

With this way of making money online, if you sell the course on your own, your earnings will depend a lot on the type of course and the people who sign up. If you sell the course from a platform, it pays you a percentage for having the course in its catalog and for the people who sign up or buy your course.

3. Be an affiliate of a platform or company

Being an affiliate is another way to earn money online that consists of advertising through your channels the products of the stores or companies you affiliate with.

Once the customer makes the purchase on the website of the company or store and the payment has been made, the affiliate receives the commission payment of the product sold.

With this way of earning money online, payments can go from 5 dollars (just over 100 dollars) per sale, it will depend a lot on the type of product or service that is sold.

4. Work as a developer

If you have the knowledge, you can work as a developer of software, applications, websites, among others.

Some of the tasks that these professionals carry out are: developing the pillars of the operating systems that the programmers have previously created, testing the code of new programs to ensure that they function correctly, and carrying out quality tests on new projects before they are launched.

In general, it is a well-paid job that you can do online. With this way of earning money online, payments can start at 15,000 dollars per month (just over $775). 

5. Offer your Community Management services

If you have a lot of creativity, you love to interact with people and create communities, always under a communication and marketing strategy oriented to certain objectives, then this way of earning money online is for you.

For this job, you only need to have your own computer equipment, internet access and a career related to this profession or, some certification that guarantees that you have the knowledge and tools necessary to perform it.

Your main tasks will be to manage the social networks of third parties, be they companies or people interested in taking care of their brand on the Internet. It is also in charge of creating content, responding to comments and questions, and managing audience interaction on various social networks.

With this way of earning money online, payments can start at eight thousand 500 dollars per month (just over $510). 

6. Work as a photo or video editor

Earn Money Online

If you are a video editing professional and also already have the necessary tools, you can earn money online with this activity.

You can offer your services in companies, for events or even for platforms and educational institutions.

With this way of earning money online, payments can start at 8,800 dollars per month (almost 425 dollars). 

7. Be a language teacher

If you master one or more languages, you can give classes to those who want to learn to communicate in other languages. It is a way to earn money online that is usually well paid, you can charge per session or per class hour. You can offer your services independently, or on one of the platforms that specialize in language teaching.

With this way of earning money online, payments can start at 4,980 pesos per month (just over $240). 

8. Transcribe texts

If you are a mom or a housewife, this way of earning money online could be ideal for you, you can do it from wherever you are and it does not require much training to start working.

Just consider that this way of making money online requires all your concentration. Transcription work is typically daily, and the load can vary from day to day, unless you work for a specific company rather than freelance.

Payment for this service can range from 15 pesos per page (0.70 dollars) to almost 360 pesos per hour of transcription (almost 17 dollars). 

9. Work as a virtual assistant

It is one of the most famous ways to earn money online. The mission of the virtual assistant is to help another person or company to carry out tasks that can be considered routine, such as: calls, sending daily emails, making spreadsheets to organize information, uploading content to a website, serving clients in online, among other activities.

One of the advantages of this way of earning money online is that you can collaborate with people or companies from other countries. In most cases, it is only necessary to have a computer, tablet and/or smartphone and an internet connection to carry out this work and earn extra money. It is a plus if you master more languages, because you will have more opportunities.

What do you think of these proposals? If you want to find more ideas to earn income, we share with you 5 proven ways to earn money online without investing and 7 ways to earn money on Instagram.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings.

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