How to earn money online without investing: 5 proven ways

earn money online without investing

Discover five proven ways to earn money online without investing. Take advantage of these effective strategies and start building your online income today and put extra money in your pocket by being your own boss. Don't miss the opportunity to achieve financial independence from the comfort of your home!

5 Ways to earn money online without investing

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Sounds good right? Keep reading to know it in depth.

1. Sell ​​on marketplaces

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is by selling products online. Whether it is with your own brand of products or objects such as books and clothes that you no longer need, there are many online platforms where you can sell them and earn money.

In addition, you will not need to have your own online store, since these platforms will take care of everything. One of these platforms is  Correos Market, the marketplace for Spanish companies, where you can sell your products with all the facilities.

But there are many more that you can easily use together with Correos with our Marketplaces solution, an initiative through which you can sell in more than 50 e-commerce stores around the world, such as Amazon, Privalia or Ebay.

2. Sell ​​your photos and videos to image banks

earn money online without investing

If you have a talent for capturing moments, you can make the most of your photos or videos by selling them to different online resource banks. You can generate both types of content to increase your income.

These banks are mainly used by companies and content creators to graphically represent what they want to convey in their texts or business actions.

Remember that now what content creators need are videos of no more than 1 min like Instagram reels or Tik Tok, in which the most aspirational content goes viral.

The operation of these websites is very simple. You only have to register with them and upload the content you want to sell. Once published, companies will be able to use your photos and videos while you receive the monetized return of your creations.

Some of the best known platforms are or

3. Become a brand affiliate

This concept may be difficult to understand at first, but it is easier than you think.

To start, you will have to have a web page or blog where you can enter urls of the third-party products or services that you are going to sell and for which you are going to get a commission.

The remuneration will vary depending on the productivity of the website, the impressions, the clicks on the links and, of course, the sales of the product.

Therefore, you must take care of your website and offer quality content that attracts visitors and that is related to frequent searches on the Internet.

In general, the products with which it is most commercialized have to do with digital themes , such as ebooks or software, although any product to sell by affiliation will work for you.

To be an affiliate you must have your website, so if you have not yet created it, you should know that with Correos you have different eCommerce solutions to start on the Internet.

If you are interested in this business model, we leave you with some affiliate companies to start with, such as Amazon, BookingFnac...

To choose the company that best suits what you are looking for, you must take into account the theme around which your website will revolve , but as you can see there are many possibilities.

4. Create your website

earn money online without investing

Today one of the most used ways to earn money online without investing is to create a web page that is undoubtedly easier than ever. For example, thanks to the Ecommerce Solutions that we offer at Correos you will be able to create your online store easily and at a very affordable price.

Once you have the web, you can generate money with your web through the following marketing techniques:


This method is ideal if your website has a lot of visitor traffic thanks to a specific theme.

A very common example is that of personal blogs. With a wide variety of topics such as travel, sports, health, personal enrichment or technology, among others, these bloggers write current articles on these topics, attracting many visits.

To monetize this type of content and web pages, the most recognized and used platform is Google Ads

Promoted content

To earn money through this tactic, you have to promote brand products through articles, images or videos .

To do so, an agreement is created with the brand to be promoted and it is decided what the content will be like and how you will benefit from it.

Sell ​​your own products

Once you have a website that has a stable number of visits and a loyal audience, you can start earning money by selling your own products.

It will not be necessary for you to create a physical product, since in many cases what is sold are courses or digital books related to the theme of your website.

This type of technique is widely used in blogs, creating special content in the form of a course or book that you can sell to your user community.

To make it work at its best, try to create a product that responds to the demands and needs of your users so that it offers real value.

Advertising spaces on the web

Another way to generate money with your website is by showing ads from other companies on your page.

This technique is known as display ad network and its operation is quite simple: you must reserve a series of spaces on your website where the ads of other companies or online stores will be displayed.

To help you visualize it better, these ad spaces are the ads that you find on the sides or top of many web pages.

These companies will pay you an amount for using a space on your website that usually varies depending on the number of visits or clicks you generate.

5. Create your app

Creating your own application is not always an easy task, in most cases you need the collaboration of someone who has some technical knowledge or is self-taught on the subject, but it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to earn money online without investing.

However, what is really important if you want to create your own app is to offer a solution to a real problem.

Only in this way will you be able to differentiate yourself and get users to download and use your application. To generate money with your app, you can choose between several options.

One of them is charging for your download . This way will be very effective if you have a quality app that is useful and is already known.

You can also offer the app for free and charge for certain additional features that are not essential, but attractive to the user.

As you have seen, earning some extra money online is easy, you just need to choose the way to generate money that best suits you and help yourself with the facilities offered by some companies such as Correos to achieve it.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings

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