How To Earn Money Playing Video Games: Strategies Revealed

Earn Money Playing Video Games

Discover innovative and effective strategies to transform your hobby into a source of juicy income. From competing in exciting tournaments to exploring streaming opportunities, unlock the secrets to earn money playing video games.

Can you earn money playing video games? Yes, it is possible and there are also a lot of different ways to achieve it. Broadcasting the games on a YouTube channel or on Twitch, with applications that pay you to play, participating in events and tournaments or dedicating yourself professionally to it as a video game developer are just some of the possibilities.

If you want to know in detail how much money you can earn playing video games and how, you will find all the information below.

How much money can I earn playing video games

The difference between getting extra money to cover some expenses and receiving a monthly income that you can live with depends on several factors.

  • The kind of game.
  • If the content you upload is liked by the public or does not end up hooking them.
  • The type of platforms you use and the money they pay on each of them.
  • Time you dedicate
  • Quality of the contents and the procedure for creating your work.

The sum of all these aspects is what will determine the amount of money you can earn playing video games. The way you choose to earn money playing video games also matters, since the income a game developer receives is not comparable to what you can get with some of the applications that pay you to play.

Create a Twitch channel and broadcast content

Earn Money Playing Video Games

Creating a Twitch account and broadcasting content for your followers is one of the methods to earn extra income by playing video games. Streamers can generate a ton of different content to engage their followers and increase their revenue. Some examples and ideas are:

  1. play games
  2. Be a game pro and show others how to level up and overcome obstacles
  3. Do a review and talk about the changes, improvements or negative aspects of a new version of a game
  4. Video with general tips that help your followers to get more points in the games and win
  5. Make tutorials explaining how to overcome a very complicated game or an obstacle in which many people get stuck

In this other information we explain all the options that allow you to earn money on Twitch. And, to give you an idea, if you manage to succeed and become a streamer acclaimed by many followers you can have a high income every month without stopping.

How to broadcast the games on Twitch

If you are going to play a game with the console on television, you have to make sure that the device with which you are going to play allows you to record the screen and then send that content to the computer and upload it. If it does not allow you, look in television settings to record the content.

Although, on the other hand, some devices, such as the PlayStation, offer the possibility of broadcasting the games directly on the platforms.

On the contrary, if you are going to play on the computer, there are a lot of applications with which you can record the screen of your PC and then upload it to Twitch, such as the OBS program. This method is also used to directly record a game while broadcasting it live on the platform.

Create a YouTube channel

Make Money Playing Video Games

Creating a YouTube channel is another way to earn money playing video games. You can broadcast live, while you play in real time or record videos, edit them and then upload them.

The choice of one or the other will depend on how you feel more comfortable. Keep in mind that to make money with YouTube you have to engage the public to see your videos before other players.

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can make you a star on this video platform, instead you will have to try and ask your followers what they want to see and how to improve the experience.

As for the type of content you can generate, there are a ton of possibilities just like with Twitch. The examples of content that we have explained for that platform also serve to upload them to YouTube and monetize the videos. That is, earn money for the views you have. To stream content from a television or computer to this platform, you have to follow the same process as on Twitch.

Participate in gaming tournaments

There are tournaments that are played on the Internet and others that are done in person, in events in which the players meet to play the games and compete to be number 1.

The rewards and prizes in this type of games can sometimes be very high. Therefore, participating in this type of event to win is a specific way to get extra money.

Although in this case, it is not a stable source of income, but you depend on these tournaments being called to try to win them and get that money.

Apps that pay you to play

There are some applications for the phone that allow you to earn extra money by playing rounds of different games . Although unlike all the options in this article, in these applications you cannot choose the game that you like the most to specialize in, but rather you have to play the ones that are available on the platform . Some of them are:

Cashyy. It is an application that gives you money for completing missions. You can redeem these income on Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Google Play or PayPal, among other platforms.

Mitsplay. With this application, available for Android and iOS systems, you can play games and, if you win them, you receive gift cards of a certain value to spend in retail stores.

VeryDice. It is one of the easiest applications to use. Roll the dice and if you're lucky, you win vouchers that you can exchange for different prizes. This application is available for Android and iOS systems.

Gamehag. In this application, players must collect as many gems as possible. After playing several games and collecting a certain number of these valuable rewards, they can be exchanged for different prizes.

gamer coach

If you are quite an expert in some video games, you can become a trainer and teach other players how to improve their skills so that they improve their score.

If you want to be a coach, you can set up your own coaching company and give talks, courses, tips and tricks so that the rest of the players can surpass their own marks and levels.

These talks can be in the form of a conference or you can bet on an interactive business model, in which gamers play games while you detect opportunities for improvement and correct bugs that allow us to move forward. In short, it consists of becoming a teacher of video games for players.

Videogame developer

make money playing video games

If you want to train in this field and go one step further than playing video games, you can bet on some of the professions on the rise in the sector, such as video game developer.

These profiles are in charge of shaping and turning the game into reality through a series of codes. To work as a developer, you must have knowledge of programming language, 2D and 3D illustration, and level design, among others. If you want to know more about this profession, here you can consult a list with the 10 jobs in the world of video games that you can apply for if you do prior training.

Unlike other possibilities that we detail in this article, here you do not depend on luck or on liking your followers to earn money. On the contrary, if you get a job in the sector, you can live and receive a salary that allows you to cover your expenses doing what you like best.

New Release QA Tester

Quality controllers are the people who are in charge of testing and playing new versions of video games to detect possible errors, communicate the level of experience and detect possible improvements before they are released to the public.

There are two jobs related to this field, quality auditor and video game tester. And, in short, being a quality controller is one of those jobs where you can receive a monthly salary while you spend testing and playing video games for practically your entire workday.

Work for a video game company

As a developer, quality tester, as an audio technician, writer and screenwriter, animators or in the eSports sector. If you have specific training to work in a video game company, you will be able to live dedicating yourself to what you like the most.

Video game journalist

It is another of the outlets that can make you earn money. There are journalists specialized in a lot of different areas, from society, economy, research, sports and health, among others, so why not be a video game journalist?

To become a professional you need to have basic knowledge of writing and writing adapted to the type of media you work for (radio, digital newspaper or video) and, like any other professional in the sector, be up to date with all the news that happens in The World of video games. Finding news, standing out in communication compared to others and knowing how to connect with the public are the keys to professional success.

This is a job that you can perfectly combine with playing video games, since being a journalist and being involved in the present, you will be up to date with new versions or improvements and changes to games. In addition, you will have to write reviews about the games once you try them and about tournaments that you may have to attend to tell the experience.

If you want to become a video game journalist, you have two possibilities:

  1. Being an employee and being hired by any means that has a specific video game section
  2. Become self-employed and provide your services to companies that request it, as a freelance. The difficulty with this option is that you need to have good contacts and sources to whom you can provide your services. And have a very good writing ability so that the company commissions you an article and not another.

This has been all from me, I hope this article has been very helpful, do not forget to continue browsing our site where you will find more information like this. Greetings

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