15 Trending, Very Profitable Part-Time Business Ideas

Part-Time Business Ideas

Explore 15 trending and highly profitable part-time business ideas that can help you boost your income while balancing your work-life commitments. Discover exciting opportunities in this informative guide.

15 part-time business ideas

1. Local gastronomic tourism

To truly become involved in the culture, many tourists who visit Mexico want to try genuine dishes that only locals understand. Offering a guided tour of the most popular markets in your city, the most traditional restaurants and restaurants that are concealed from the general public will draw in foodies from all over the world to your business. Advertise your services to different languages on a website that allows reservations. A beneficial concept is to augment your offer with the 10 different gastronomic routes that exist in different states of Mexico.

2. Motorcycle tours

In Mexico, tourism is an activity that offers endless opportunities to explore, such as the 111 amazing cities spread across different states. Enter the industry by organizing motorcycle tours that surprise domestic and foreign tourists. Motorcycle or scooter tours allow you to transport customers quickly and flexibly according to their tastes and interests, while providing interesting information about the places visited to create an unforgettable experience. Keep in mind that you will need a guide/driver for each client, as it is not safe for tourists to ride on their own motorcycles or with more than one person per ride.

3. Children’s entertainment for events

Part-Time Business Ideas

Those who have children understand that balancing the parental role with that of social interaction is difficult. Allow parents to participate in the activities they enjoy with a caring service.

and recreation for the youngest members of the family at weddings, baptisms and other events. As a result, you won’t get overburdened, train staff dedicated to caring for children (do not exceed the maximum number of children per caregiver). Create different packages of activity that are appropriate for the age of the children and that combine entertainment with learning. One truth: Mexican mothers have, on average, 2.4 children. This is according to the Inegi figures.

4. Pet Sitters

55% of the Mexican population has a pet, according to a 2014 survey by Mitofsky Consulting. Attempting a trip is difficult for these owners, especially if they cannot transport their dog or cat, or lack the means to do so. It serves this market by managing a platform that connects owners with authorized caregivers who provide board and care. Ensure the safety of pets by partnering with 24/7 vet services and asking caretakers to send photos and videos to owners frequently to check that everything is going as expected. Charge a yearly fee or a daily rate.

5. Room rental to students

Having free rooms in your house can spark your part-time business. Focus on the student market and anticipate their needs with adequate facilities (Internet connection, a space to work and another to relax, etc.) and modern decoration. Specify in a contract the cost of the rent and the services it includes, the payment methods and start and end dates of the agreement. One fact: the National Survey of International Student Mobility in Mexico reported that 90% of international students in Mexico are pursuing a bachelor’s degree and 9% a master’s degree.

6. Online crafts

If you have a knack for creating quality handmade products, consider selling your creations online. If you do not have enough capital to set up your own e-commerce, an alternative is the Etsy platform – launched in 2005 and with more than 25 million members in 200 countries. This site offers consumers the feeling of shopping in an online boutique. Make your business stand out from others by creating a brand identity and ensuring quality. Keep in mind that for each product you upload, Etsy will charge you US$0.20 plus a 3.5% commission on the final price of each sale.

7. Social network analysis

Social network analysis

Monitoring and analyzing the information generated by consumers on social media is a common practice for many companies. This information is beneficial because it allows them to make decisions based on the data. Start a company that employs platforms like HowSociable, Addictomatic or Social Mention to collect this information and acquire pertinent data for your clients; Create reports that demonstrate the effects of your campaigns and initiatives. This trend is observed to be increasing, as evidenced by Twitter’s statistics, which indicate that 85% of its users are followers of a brand or corporation on this network.

8. Electric recharge

Smartphones are crucial to the daily lives of many people, as they are not only used to communicate or send messages, but also to browse the internet, buy things or make transfers. As a result, it’s crucial to charge them up properly. As a result, installing cell phone charging stations in public areas is a viable alternative to take. The business model is based on the advertising space rental model, which involves charging for the use of the space. A study by Millward Brown discovered that 84% of Mexican citizens have a portable device; four out of 10 of them are smartphones.

9. Development of apps for children

This is one of the best part-time business ideas you can start. It’s no longer unusual to find your little one at home via a mobile device. In this niche, start a business dedicated to developing apps for children. Don’t forget the fact that while your end users are kids, their parents are your real customers and you need to convince them to download your app. Therefore, providing them with solutions that promote development, education and values, as well as fun, is a great option. Fact: The Mexican Internet Association (Amipici) reported in 2014 that 82% of Mexican internet users have downloaded and installed apps on their smartphones.

10. Robotics school for children

This is one of the best part-time business ideas you can start. The country has seen a significant increase in interest in robotics in recent years. In 2015, more than 90 teams of children aged 8 to 17 and 10 teams of teenagers aged 18 to 25 participated in the WRO (World Robot Olympiad) Robotics Competition National Finals in Guadalajara, India. . part . . . The first is a technical school for children and young people, offering workshops and courses combining theory and practice in the afternoons, weekends and holidays. If you don’t have this knowledge, start with a well-known brand and get specialized training.

11. Products for celiacs

Celiac disease is a permanent intolerance to wheat, barley, rye and oat gluten. Experts at the Southern Medical Foundation found that up to 4.3% of the Mexican population may be affected by the disease. For these consumers, paying attention to their diet is more of a necessity than a fad. Serve them through an online store where you can distribute a wide range of specialty products (e.g. bread, pasta, flour, cereals, etc.) that comply with the Mexican Celiac Citizens Association “SC” certification (gluten-free). Including home delivery. Consider these costs when setting your price.

12. Commercialization of Nanotechnology

This discipline seeks to manipulate matter at the molecular and atomic scale to design structures with new properties and applications. According to figures from the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), in Mexico there are 56 institutions and more than 159 laboratories dedicated to developing this technology. Distributing products of this type will allow you to offer your customers innovative solutions both for home cleaning and for industries and businesses. Getting started in this field does not require scientific experience, but you must understand the properties and benefits of the products; The advice is to join a network that offers training.

13. Freelancer online

Part-Time Business Ideas

This is one of the best part-time business ideas you can start. It is no longer necessary to have a physical office to start a business thanks to technological development and easy access to the Internet that have boosted the freelance economy around the world. According to Freelancer.com CEO Matt Barrie, industries such as design and manufacturing “are struggling to adapt to the unstoppable onslaught of crowdsourcing and 3D printing,” and offering freelance services is an alternative for those working in creative industries. If this is your case, use platforms like Fiverr, which has 4,000 services in 120 categories, from graphic design and digital marketing to video animation.

14. Online translations

If you know two or more languages, have a computer and an Internet connection, you can start a remote translation business no matter where you are. Create a website that offers your services and breaks down your rates – remember, according to the TranslatorsCafe.com forum, rates for non-professional jobs are around $25 an hour. According to online school Mosa Lingua, the five languages ​​with the highest demand for translation jobs, besides English and Spanish, are: Portuguese, French, Mandarin Chinese, German and Italian. This is partly due to their economic relevance.

15. Personal care for men

The demand for products focused on improving men’s appearance is increasing: Kantar Worldpanel – a market research company – found that 87% of men in Mexico have some concern about their physical appearance. For this reason, many beauty brands have adapted their direct or catalog sales offering to them. If you choose to join one of these companies to serve this market, seek to be part of a professional network that offers quality in its products, as well as training and a good compensation scheme for its sellers.

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